Tampere Toastmasters

Tampere Toastmasters Club

This website is our early attempt to communicate with you about who we are and what we do. Instead of drowning you with endless unnecessary information, we only provide the most important ones which give a clear picture of what Tampere Toastmasters is all about.

We understand that you are busy and want to get the most the fastest, therefore, all the articles are written as short and simple as possible to save you precious time. Do not hesitate, start checking us out now. We promise it would not take more than 45 minutes to read through everything in the website!

What will you find in this website?

Top Menu: you can read about the benefits that Toastmasters clubs offer to its members, our members’ personal stories in which they share why they join Tampere Toastmasters, what they have gained and our contact information.

Main Menu: there are plenty of information about Tampere Toastmasters and its activities. You can find a brief introduction about us and the link to our next meeting with detailed information about time, place and agenda. You will also find information about our meetings in general, for instance what exactly happens during a typical meeting, when and where we often have meetings, etc. There is also detailed description of the educational system which we follow and our club’s officers as well as their main duties. If you wish to have more information about Toastmasters, there are links to Toastmasters International and Toastmasters Finland website.

What should you do after the website?

As communicative and simple as it could get, the website does its job to deliver an initial introduction of Tampere Toastmasters. However, you would need to come to one of our meetings to actually know how we do things here in our club. No worry, it is totally free to attend our meetings as a Guest. You do not need to prepare or bring anything, just come and enjoy the meeting. After the meeting, you can always talk to our club officers for more information. They are very friendly and helpful!

Most of our communication takes place in our Facebook group (just type “Tampere Toastmasters” in the search area) and emails. Thus, it would be a good idea to join our Facebook group and newsletter system to get the latest information about the club’s activities. And of course, you can always send us an email.

Enjoy your journey with Tampere Toastmasters!!!