Toastmasters’ learning approach

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When was the last time you allowed yourself not to be good to start something new? Sometimes, as adults, we tend to avoid new learning because there is less and less willing to risk failure. Also, the old-fashioned, limiting belief … Continued

Area B2 and B4 Humorous and Table topic contests 2021

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Today was our area B2&B4 Humorous and Table topics contests. What a day! We met in person! Invaluable experience.Tampere Toastmasters was represented by Jose Maria Perez-Macias who took the third place!💥✨💥 Great job, Jose! On division level (Finland, Russia, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania) … Continued

Tampere Toastmasters goes International

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Do you dare to take a shot? Some weeks ago, two of our Tampere Toastmasters members went international! represented by Adriana Vasilache and Anna Männikko. In Toastmasters, we do not only organize meetings but also local (Tampere) area (within Finland) … Continued