Tampere Toastmasters is all about “learning by doing”. There are manuals which give you guidelines and instructions; however, you are expected to practice making speeches and take leadership roles regularly during meetings in order to improve your public speaking and leadership skills. Our meetings offer opportunities to practice:

  • Conducting meetings
  • Giving impromptu speeches
  • Presenting prepared speeches
  • Offering constructive evaluation

Toastmasters program has been proven to benefit its members in various ways:

  • Reducing fear of public speaking and becoming more confident in front of an audience
  • Becoming a better speaker
  • Improving listening skills
  • Eradicating the distracting “Um” and “Uh” from speeches
  • Strengthening leadership skills
  • Expanding network
  • Opportunities to participate in international speech contests
  • Sharing knowledge and mentoring other speakers

We are proud to provide a safe, friendly and encouraging environment for our members to practice and grow. Do not be afraid of making mistakes, we welcome mistakes as we know that is an inevitable part of learning. And we respect people who dare to go out of their comfort zone and try something challenging. Nobody will laugh at you, we will laugh with you!

I have improved my public speaking…
Mainly I have improved my public speaking and English language skills. At the same time, I have been able to develop impromptu speaking and critical thinking abilities. I also found out interesting things about me that I did not know of. One of them is that I’m good at making people laugh. Another is that the more I prepare for a speech, the more I increase my chances to deliver a successful one. Read More
past Member since 2019
Toastmasters is for everyone, regardless of their background and education
One of my greatest memories with Tampere Toastmasters is joining a speech competition. I am fascinated about finding that perfect moment when I am not nervous anymore. The flow is there, and everything else seems to fall in place. Read More
Annissa Rantanen
Member since 2016
current VP Membership at Tampere Toastmasters
While some leaders are more natural than others, leadership is something that can be learned
I cannot speak highly enough about my experience. I felt supported from the beginning. Slowly, I was encouraged to give speeches and later, to participate in speech contests. My humorous speech… Read the Story
Jose Maria Perez-Macias
President for the year 2020-2021

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