Odyssey Project

We invite you to a fantastic journey. A journey full of new acquaintances, new locations and unexpected meetings with fellow Toastmasters from the entire world! A journey where you will discover new potential & new strength as a mentor or a mentee. A journey in search for a better self. In search for amazing friends.

In this journey you may face challenges & overcome fears, find opportunities & unfold new abilities like Odysseus did in his travel.
This journey will last as long as you want. And there is no better time to start it, than NOW.

How to prepare roles

Information in Toastmasters International Here

How to prepare…

Impromptu speech

Stories of travel into hard to reach places

Icebreaking a conversation

Tricks and tips to start a conversation

Using humor

Tips on how to use humor on your speeches

… and here is an Example of how this this TedX speaker uses humor to talk about humor… note the pauses…