A typical meeting in our club includes: 

  1. Word of the Day – A member presents a new word in connection to the meeting topic. It is highly recommended that the word is used by all speakers in all roles throughout the meeting. 
  2. Prepared Speeches – Club members deliver 5 to 7 minute-long speeches.Each speech meets a set of specific goals specified in the pathway chosen by the speaker. There can be up to three prepared speeches given during every meeting. 
  3. Table Topic Session – The Table Topics Master prepares a list of questions or possible scenarios inspired by the meeting topic. Participants have 30 seconds to prepare and up to 2 minutes to deliver their answers. Both club members and guests can participate in this session to practise impromptu speaking. 
  4. Evaluation Sessions – The speakers from point 2 are given constructive feedback on their speeches. The highlights are on what made the presentation strong and suggestions for improvement. An evaluator is attributed to each speaker who provides them with a detailed evaluation. Speakers can agree with their evaluators before the meeting on areas they wish to be emphasized. 
  5. General Evaluation – The General Evaluator provides feedback on how the meeting went. To prepare for the evaluation, the General Evaluator calls for reports from the Grammarian, the Ah Counter and the Timer. 
  6. Grammarian’s report – The Grammarian’s role is to record grammatical errors or misuse of all speakers’ English language. Then he or she draws awareness on the correct terms and encourages improvement. 
  7. Ah Counter’s report – The Ah Counter keeps track of audible pauses and filler words such as “ah,” “er,” “um,” “well,” and “you know”. The Ah Counter can suggest pausing and breathing techniques. 
  8. Timer’s report – The Timer reports whether the time allocated for every role was respected and if not, where we went overtime. 
  9. Meeting Awards – The President announces the Best Speech, Best Evaluation, and Best Table Topics based on participants’ votes. All present club members and guests take part in the voting. 

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