Can joining a Toastmasters club help you overcome social anxiety?

Can joining a Toastmasters club help you overcome social anxiety? The answer is yes. 

Ada Dumitrescu, one of our most active members, tells her story of overcoming social anxiety and finding the confidence to share her ideas in front of other people. 

This is Ada’s inspiring story: 

“My story of joining Tampere Toastmasters starts with Tampere Toastmasters Youth. Adriana Vasilache brought this course to my high school. Throughout this course, my colleagues and I learned to give speeches, organize Table Topics and other Toastmaster duties. It was delightful and insightful. After graduation, I became a member of Tampere Toastmasters club as a way to address my social anxiety. I was sure that I would learn many skills that would help me in the future.

So far, my experience with the club has been fascinating and engaging as well as imaginative. When I started, I was very anxious to give speeches in front of other people, but with the support of fellow members, I found the courage to do it. Now it’s one of my favourite things to do as a Toastmaster.
It gives me adrenaline and keeps me focused.

Walking to a stage used to be something I was terrified of and would avoid at any cost, but now it is something I long for during meetings. I feel liberated when the speech is over and excited to receive feedback on how I did. Then I relax for the rest of the meeting, knowing that I contributed and brought value to members and guests.

The accomplishment I am most proud of from my Toastmaster experience is getting to the District level in the evaluation competition. I was surprised that I managed to get so far and enjoy every second of it.

I will cherish forever what I learned at Tampere Toastmasters. Not only did I learn how to give speeches, give and receive constructive feedback, improvise, but also to believe in myself. To go in front of people and share my opinions and passions with confidence. It has really helped me manage my social anxiety. Today I can approach people with more assertiveness and keep a conversation flowing.

I want to welcome anyone interested in learning useful skills to join Tampere Toastmasters. People here are so kind, open and supportive that I am sure you will fit right in. Our meetings are super amazing, fun and educative too! A total jackpot!”

đź“·: Ada shaking hands with Annisa Rantanen after giving a speech. 
Photo by Adriana Vasilache 

— Written by Andruta Illie