Four reasons to practice Public Speaking

Have you ever felt that gut-punching feeling when you’re asked to speak in front of people?

Maybe you felt numb, your stomach sank, your palms were sweating, and your mind was racing wild? 

Public speaking shouldn’t make you ill with nervousness. It should be an opportunity to get your point across. Here are our Tampere Toastmasters four reasons why practising public speaking is a good thing:

* Public speaking can change your mindset
Changing your mindset over time from “I can’t do this” to “I can, and I will” will surprise you. Setting small goals within the Pathways help a lot. You push the parameters trying new things. Before you know it, you’ll be confident and easy to go.

* Public speaking creates confidence
Effective communication is not reserved for the loudest voices in the room. Everyone can use communication skills to enhance their life and career. Practising public speaking will bring a sense of control and fulfilment after you deliver a speech, however big or small. You’ll stand taller, be more assured and far more positive.

* Public speaking pushes out your comfort zone
Public speaking helps to push out your comfort zone, and, you know what they say: ‘Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.’ It starts with a small square, but this square grows and expands when you tiptoe in all directions. Your confidence will grow, and you’ll feel comfortable within a giant square or a circle, wherever you want. You’ll understand more, see things differently, feel more confident and aware of yourself and the world around you.

* Inspire others with public speaking
There are no two brains alike, do you know that? There is only one of you who has your unique combination of experiences and skills. How special is that? We tend to listen and admire others and rarely dare to share our stories.
Dare to think differently! Challenge yourself! Dare to be the best possible you! Dare to inspire!


— Written by Mina Kostova
Vice President of Public Relations

Six ideas on how to use Public Speaking as a confidence booster

When it comes to confidence, ‘build’ is the keyword. ‘Build’ indicates that gaining confidence is a gradual, step-by-step, experience-by-experience process. The great news is it does not necessarily need to be a slow process! 

Here are our Six Tampere Toastmasters ideas on how to build on it.

Set goals

The word confidence comes from the Latin word “fidere”, which means to trust; therefore, confidence is trust in ourselves. One of the best ways to start building on our confidence is by keeping small promises to ourselves. Gradually we start trusting in our ability to keep these promises, and we are ready to thrive. As a member of a Toastmasters club, you can start with small goals like taking on a meeting role, for example. When you feel familiar and more attuned to the club’s meetings, you can give a speech.

Challenge yourself with impromptu speeches

Table topics is a signature activity for a Toastmasters club. Table Topics hones the skill of creating an impromptu response that is straight to the point and engaging. During Table Topics, all attendees have an opportunity to present one- to two-minute impromptu talks. This is often the most fun part of our meetings. Don’t miss the opportunity; next time, jump in.

Practice before giving a speech

You have confidence when you know you can do something. Many people just don’t practice enough in front of an audience in a friendly environment with no consequences if mistakes are made. If you want to build your confidence as a speaker, be intentional about investing time in developing your speaking skills. Practising will help you master the art of public speaking, and this is the key reason why our clubs exist – to allow speakers like you to practice, which will build your confidence. Practice results in progress, and your confidence gets built when you know you are making progress.

Be consistent 

A Toastmasters club gives you an invaluable opportunity to be consistent in your intention to improve your communication skills. The regularity of meetings, the variety of roles one can have and be active during every meeting, eleven different pathways with projects of all kinds that one might work on … you name it. It’s up to you to dedicate and invest time in your personal development.

Challenge yourself even more by attending contests 

It takes a lot of courage to be a contestant, true. However, you can start small on a club level. There are contests for a speech, for an evaluation, for an impromptu speech. Contests, by their nature, have higher stakes than regular club speeches, which means more practice. Competing on a club level strengthens our skills and boosts confidence because we perform in the same safe environment we are used of. Familiar faces, fellow club members, it’s safe not to be perfect.

Celebrate your small/big wins

There is no greater boost of our confidence than the satisfaction and fulfilment after a well-done job. Achieving our goals isn’t always easy. It takes hard work and inner strength, and it’s easy to forget to take time for ourselves. When you reach a milestone or complete a particularly hard task, relax. Celebrate success with whatever makes you happy.

— Written by Mina Kostova
Vice President of Public Relations

Club Speech Contest October 2021

How can people become better communicators in their daily life? 

Our Table topics contestants agreed on practice, crafting a message, listening actively (especially to your wife), and practising again. We are happy to have Jose representing our Tampere Toastmasters club at the Area contest on the 30th of October.

We also time-travelled to Egypt with Leena, and the early 1940s with Laura and Jose transmitted us to a neuroscience journey. 
You bet we had a good time! And guests from Spain, UK and ….. Taiwan – the beauty of virtual travelling.

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Written by —Mina Kostova

Club Contest October 2021